Web Development Rate Sheet

For hourly web work our billing is as follows, with a 1-hour minimum then in 30 minute increments.

  • $85.00 for regular work per hour (3-5 business day turnaround)
  • $109.00 for regular work per hour (1-2 business day turnaround)
  • $135.00 for regular work per hour (same business day turnaround)

Regular work is classified has web development and design work.

Plugin customization or dot.NET programing is $95/h with 3-5 day turnaround.

Mobile application development is considered specialized work and we quote according to scope and level of developer expertise needed.

Full website development is billed per project. Projects include all work in the scope of our quote, we do not provide a breakdown of labor or hours of work required as our full site development projects are all inclusive quotes.

In such cases where the client is a corporate business with board members (multiple feedback’s) or clients that does not exactly know what they like and we will be designing the site as we move along, the price is adjusted accordingly.

Payment schedule for regular projects are billed with a 50% non-refundable down payment, with the balance paid upon completion and sign off from the client prior to the launch of project.

Larger projects (more than $5000) are divided into milestones with pre-arranged conditions for ongoing payments, with final payment being made at deployment of the project.

Any application or site built is provided with free 90-day warranty period.  In this time, we fix any defect free of charge.  After the warranty period we charge for bug fixes, patches, etc.  Clients failure to notice bugs or notify us of issues is something client is responsible for.  We do not check the application daily and monitor things unless agreed upon except for the server the application is hosted upon.

Maintenance of websites are the clients responsibly, any virus or malware cleanup that is required are the responsibility of the customer. We offer monthly and quarterly support packages that include core and plugin updates for security purposes as well as ongoing development.

For thing such as virus removal or implementing new features in an existing framework we quote those item as a project, and do not work on these ventures on an hourly basis.