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Business During Quarantine

Quarantine 2020, reads like a science fiction title right? It could be action, comedy or drama; but whatever your perspective, it represents change. Right now, quarantine procedures require us to respect physical distancing and for many of us this is a huge change. Luckily we have technology and experience to help bridge the divide.

Retail stores are investing heavily into their websites to take orders and facilitate curbside or home deliveries. Offices everywhere are investing in laptops and video meeting software to help employees transition to working from home. File sharing is now cloud-based and accessible 24/7 while tech support is being handled remotely by private companies like ours.

Call me an optimist, but the silver lining you may not yet realize is that the infrastructure you’re investing into is far more flexible and cost effective than you were running previously. Keep reading to learn more.

Remote Desktop, VPN, and Working from Home

Hero Devices

Our team of experts knows home offices. We can fix most problems remotely, quickly, and painlessly. Don’t waste your time working out frustrating problems, our experts are here to help.

Starting: $25/month

Work comfortably from home, access your work drives and services from anywhere, and remote control your computer from anywhere!

Video Meeting and Webinars

Zoom Meeting

Video Meeting: $6.40/month

Business is adapting and moving virtual. Through our Zoom and Microsoft Teams partnerships we can keep your team working all in different locations.

Microsoft 365

Teacher Dashboard

Starting at $6.10/month

E-mail, Publishing Tools, and File Sharing

We are TeamViewer partners and offer several solutions that allow you to work from home like you’re sitting at the office.

McMaster Technical since 2006

Our motto is, “Making Tech Easy.”

  • We perform preventive maintenance to maximize your uptime.
  • We are your one-stop-shop for business software, hardware and tech support.
  • We specialize in serving law firms, accounting firms, and health & wellness.
  • We offer home office and enterprise level solutions.
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