Flat Rate Package

We offer a flat rate package for support on home or individual computers (PCs and Mac). No unexpected costs, all labour inclusive pickup and drop off package.

Windows Flat Rate package – $199

OSX Flat Rate package  – $249
*packages do not include hardware and taxes

Discount available with our managed support packages

This package includes:

  • City-wide pickup and delivery
  • 24/48h turn around from pickup to drop off
  • Onsite disassembly and re-setup of computer

This is a perfect package for:

  • Virus or Malware removal
  • OS Reload (Windows and OSX)
  • System Tuneups
  • System cloning to SSD (+ hardware )
  • Hardware troubleshooting

We also offer this package for new computer setups, if you purchase a computer from a box store (Bestbuy, Costco, etc.) we can still help. Our flat rate setup includes the following:

  • Full OS setup of computer with all updates (2h+).
  • Removal of pre-loaded junkware
  • Data Migration from old machine
  • Install any custom software (Office, QuickBooks, etc.)
  • 1 year paid antivirus FREE
  • 30 minutes onsite setup for wifi and printers