Get Help

McMaster Technical (MakingTechEasy) offers support to both monthly Managed Support Package customers as well as individuals using the steps below.

Managed customers can use our built-in tool to open support tickets.

You can also use this tool to request live help if the issue is time sensitive or an emergency.


Individuals or None-Managed customers

We are happy to help anyone who need support, we provide support at our hourly rates with a half hour minimum for remote and one hour minimum for onsite support.

Support for services including Microsoft 365, VoIP Phones, and Google Gsuite are included in packages.

Step 2: Book a time that we can connect and have us HELP

Quicksupport is provided using the following TeamViewer tools


Support provided with:

TeamViewer for Windows
TeamViewer OSX
TeamViewer for OSX
TeamViewer Apple App Store
TeamViewer on Apple App Store
TeamViewer Google Play
TeamViewer on Google Play