Letter from CEO

Hello Calgarians,

I am Justin McMaster, CEO of McMaster Technical. I am a born and raised Calgarian and I serve Calgary and the surrounding communities. I understand the economic hardships that we face; oil, politics, recession, and now a global pandemic – these are all threats to our way of life. I regard Calgarians as grounded down to earth people; we love our city, we love this country, and we work hard.

I am deeply concerned about how the coronavirus Covid-19 will affect Calgarians. The government invoked quarantine is drastic but will save countless lives! I too worry about the health of my family, for our sick and our elderly. The impact to local business is devastating; layoffs, closures and employment insurance are on the lips of everyone I speak with.

Amidst the turmoil, my office is the busiest it has ever been and we have grown to meet the challenge with a new team member.

Clients are requesting video conferencing, remote desktops, laptop leases, and are investing in their websites. Our economy is at war with Covid-19 and Calgary businesses refuse to go quietly into the night. In support of the brave men and women that are fighting for the survival of their businesses; I will do my part to share knowledge, provide solutions and tech support so employees can work safely and effectively from their homes.

I wish health and strength to you and those you love. Keep safe, and stay indoors. We will face this challenge together and beat Covid-19 with pride and dignity.

Sincere Regards,

Justin McMaster

CEO, McMaster Technical Inc.